The Hovercraft community server is a modded Minecraft multiplayer server made specifically for HoverCraft community. We are a group of gamers, youtubers and people who are looking for a good time and play with others. At the moment the server is under a Pixelmon theme, with mods that revolve around the Pokemon theme and Minecraft. So we are looking for members to fill up this server, play as a community, build, fight, survive.

As said above, yes there are many youtubers in this group, we greatly accept new members to join our team as well. We currently have a discord which we use to talk while we play on the server and many other games as well. So please read the rules, apply and hopefully we'll see you on the server! If your application is rejected you must wait a month until you apply again, or else your application will be ignored and you will have to wait another month.


Ban Lengths for Breaking The Rules

Once you have submitted an application you will be privately contacted for a interview if the HoverCraft Congress approves.